Every Christian is involved in an unseen cosmic war against spiritual forces. Intellectually, we understand that these spiritual forces are our true enemy, but on a practical level, this is not so readily apparent. Instead, our focus is drawn to the tangible threats which surround us because of social issues. Many become obsessed with confronting and resisting these social threats. As such, they boycott products, promote specific legislation, and endorse political candidates. Certainly, this is not wrong, and if truth be told, we could use more people who care enough to tackle these issues. However, we must be careful that we do not lose sight of the bigger picture. Our true enemy is not mortal. Our true enemy is not the individual who represents and inspires these issues. Behind these representatives and under-girding these social threats is a far more menacing foe. At the core of today’s social issues is a spirit that is manifesting itself in the physical realm via these issues.


As time progresses, this spirit is becoming more brazen in its efforts. In fact, during a 2014 interview with Tony Perkins, Franklin Graham publicly declared that many American political leaders are now openly anti-Christ in their efforts.*[1]*[2] CNS News reports, “Some of the people working in the Obama administration and in the White House are trying to ‘completely secularize our military’ and are ‘hostile to Christians,’ to the point that they ‘are anti-Christ in what they say and in what they do’ …”[3] No longer does this spirit of antichrist feel the need to lurk in the shadows. Today it is revealing itself as the motivating force behind many of our world’s hottest headlines.


Our struggle against this spirit is intensifying. For this reason, it is imperative that we be capable of identifying the true enemy. Scripture provides us with seventy-six characteristics which constitute this spirit of antichrist. Moreover, it supplies the Christian with five specific litmus tests to identity this spirit. In this book, we will study each of these identifying factors. Once we are capable of defining and identifying this spirit, we will then trace this spirit through six categories of current events which spawn numerous social issues. Along the way, we will also question how we as Christians ought to respond to these matters:

1)  Christian Mysticism

Contemplative spirituality has taken the church by storm. This issue is no longer relegated to the fringe elements of Christianity. No denomination is immune to its effects, despite the fact that it is the legacy of Roman Catholic monks who merged Eastern spirituality with Christianity. We will consider several of the most prominent practices of this “Christian” mysticism, such as contemplative prayer, the prayer labyrinth, yoga, lectio divina, etc.

2)  The Paranormal

America is obsessed with paranormal entities and practices, but do people understand their true nature? In England, more people believe in the existence of aliens than believe in the existence of God. Millions of people around the world believe they have encountered the paranormal, but when they turn to those who should be best equipped to provide them with answers—the church—they are disbelieved or ignored. Because of this, they become offended and seek answers elsewhere.

3)  Evolution

The theory of Darwinian evolution is a clear example of how our adversary has blinded the minds of men. This blindness is not based upon facts, or even upon what is more plausible. This blindness is based upon a spirit that rejects the authority of God and His Word. What then is the antidote to this theory which has nearly monopolized the scientific community?

4)  Transhumanism

Humanity as we know it is being fundamentally altered. Using technology and genetic manipulation, man is transforming the human into something post-human. Is it possible that technology might allow mankind to transform itself into gods?

5)  Dark Technologies

U.S. patents at least a decade old detail plans to use radio frequency identification microchips (RFID) to create the ultimate control grid. This combined with the smart grid—something which is already partially implemented—proves the realistic nature of the Bible’s prophecy regarding a system known as “the Mark of the Beast.” Realizing this, how should the Christian respond to the creation of this Mark of the Beast-like infrastructure?

6)  Homosexuality

It appears as if America is coming out of the closet. In the twenty-first century, the homosexual issue has invaded everything from high school homecomings, to the Grammy’s, to the judicial system. As homosexual marriages take center-stage, countless pastors are compromising their beliefs on the subject. Is it possible to absolutely prove God’s perspective on the issue of homosexuality?


Controversy is inevitable in a study such as this. The topics covered in this book are inherently contentious and unbelievably complex. Recognizing this, it is important to state up front that this series is intended to be only an introductory overview of the spirit of antichrist and of its relationship to current events. Ultimately, the goal of this series is to expose ourselves to what is transpiring in the world around us and to identify how these social issues are merely varying facets of our spiritual war. Undergirding each of these issues is the spirit of antichrist.


Keep in mind that Ephesians 6:12 teaches that our struggle is not against flesh and blood. We are involved in a spiritual battle. These issues stretch far beyond their social impact. These issues are ultimately spiritual in nature. I hope that we will not become so distracted by the social implications and possibilities involved in these topics that we lose sight of the big picture. As Christians, we are no longer primarily citizens of our home countries. We are not even principally citizens of Earth. Instead, we are primarily citizens of heaven. Our first priority is to God and to His Kingdom.


Please allow the author to apologize in advance for any offenses. His conclusions are derived from countless hours of studying these matters, but they remain merely his best understanding of what is occurring in our society and what the Bible teaches regarding these things. If he writes something that is not appreciated, then please study the matter further. If, after studying the matter, there is still disagreement, then this can occur with an informed and clear conscience (Rom. 14:4–5).


  1. As a pioneering Louisiana legislator, Tony Perkins authored such measures as the nation’s first Covenant Marriage law. He now serves as the president of the Family Research Council. Additionally, he hosts a daily national radio program titled “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins,” and he sends a daily Washington Update e-mail to grass roots political activists.
  2. Franklin Graham is the son of the renowned evangelist Billy Graham. He serves as the president and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse, which is an evangelical Christian organization that uses humanitarian aid to victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine as a means of sharing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  3. Chapman, “Franklin Graham: Some Administration Officials Are ‘Anti-Christ’.”


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