About The Book

Scripture provides the Christian with seventy-six characteristics which constitute the spirit of Antichrist, and five litmus tests designed to identify this spirit. Furthermore, the spirit of antichrist has plagued the Christian church since its inception. Despite these truths, the spirit of antichrist remains unidentified and ignored by the vast majority of Christians. This book is intended to expose the Christian to the reality of this adversary, to definitively identify the spirit of antichrist, and to recognize its influence in several of the most influential spheres of society.

In an effort to understand the spirit of antichrist, the reader is lead through a brief but detailed topical study which includes numerous Scripture verses, exposure to the nature of spiritual warfare, and even some demonology. Distinction is made between the individual known as Antichrist, and the spirit of antichrist, yet the reader will learn how the two are inherently connected.

Once the reader is capable of defining and identifying the spirit of antichrist, he begins a process of tracing this spirit through current events. Specifically, six key categories are examined and determined to be strongly influenced by the spirit of antichrist:

1. Christian mysticism

Contemplative spirituality has taken the church by storm. This is not an issue which is relegated to the fringe elements of Christianity. No denomination is immune to its effects, despite the fact that it is the result of Roman Catholic monks who merged Eastern spirituality with Christianity. Several of the most prominent practices of this “Christian” mysticism are considered, such as contemplative prayer, the prayer labyrinth, breath prayers, yoga, lectio divina, Reiki, etc.

2. The paranormal

America is obsessed with the paranormal, but do people understand the true nature of these entities? Today more people in England believe in the existence of aliens than believe in the existence of God. Millions of people believe that they have encountered the paranormal. When they turn to those who are best equipped to provide them with answers—the Church—they are disbelieved and offended. Consequently, they are seeking answers elsewhere.

3. Evolution

The issue of Darwinian evolution is a clear example of how our adversary has blinded the minds of men. This blindness is not based upon facts. This blindness is not based upon what is more reasonable or plausible. This blindness is based upon a spirit that rejects the authority of God and His Word. As such, the antidote to evolution is not more facts; it is the truth of God’s Word.

4. Transhumanism

Humanity as we know it is being fundamentally altered. Using technology and genetic manipulation, man is transforming the human into something post-human. The end-goal is to build mankind into gods.

5. Dark Technologies

U.S. patents at least a decade old detail plans to use Radio Frequency Identification Micro-chips to create the ultimate control grid. This combined with the smart grid—something which is already partially implemented—proves the realistic nature of the Bible’s prophecy regarding the Mark of the Beast.

6. Homosexuality

It appears as if America is coming out of the closet. In the 21st century, the homosexual issue has invaded everything from high school homecomings and the Parade of Roses, to the Grammy’s, to the judicial system. As homosexual marriages take center-stage, countless pastors are compromising on the subject. Is it possible to absolutely prove God’s perspective on the issue of homosexuality?